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"There's Life to be Lived Beyond  Diagnosis"


The Lupe Ends Here (TLEH)

Our Mission

To provide support that improves the overall quality of life for individuals living with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, while simultaneously supporting efforts towards a cure.

What Sets Us Apart

Based in San Diego, we work with our neighbors, local businesses, and other community members to bring the direct change we envision. Thinking and acting locally, our activities are designed to have the greatest impact. An actively engaged San Diego is a stronger San Diego!

Our Pillars

To increase the quality of life for those living  with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, along with supporters


To empower patients to revolutionize the ways in which current and future autoimmune research and tools are developed


To increase awareness and education of lupus and other autoimmune diseases within the greater San Diego community


80 to 90%

Of those diagnosed with lupus, paired with careful treatment, will live a full
& complete lifespan.


Chance of catching lupus from another individual, lupus is not contagious.


You have one life to live, let's keep lupus from living it for you.

Stay Tuned


Our partners believe what we believe - that even the longest run starts with a few steps. If your organization wants to be a part of the solution to improving the quality of life for those with Lupus we want to hear from you!

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