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Image by Hari Nandakumar

Meet the Team

From the humble beginnings of three friends believing in changing the conversation of what life with Lupus looks like, The Lupe Ends Here (TLEH) Foundation began to take shape. TLEH is actively working towards developing a strong sense of community made up of those personally affected by lupus, as well as those who may not even know what an autoimmune disease is. We believe you don’t need a diagnosis to be part of the solutions and that together, as a community, we can change how life with lupus is viewed, researched, and experienced!

The Lupe Ends Here is a 501c3 Non-profit organization based in San Diego.

There are effective strategies to manage your health after diagnosis so you can continue conquering life!



App Development Team

Dieanira Erudaitius, Rohith Mohan, and Chris Hale are actively working on the first prototype of this app. Check our their bios to learn more!

Patient Advocacy Team

Zohreh Akhavan and Alliey Lau are advocates for individuals living with autoimmune diseases and support the lupus community in their unique ways. Check our their bios to learn more!

Past Interns

We're so  excited to partner with Northern Arizona University (NAU) because they've referred absolutely AMAZING interns to our organization! Jessica Manning works closely with each intern to ensure they meeting NAU's program requirements while making an impact in the lupus and autoimmune community. Thank you for all your hard work!

Read more about the work they are doing on our pipeline page.

Why the Wolf & Butterfly?

You may have noticed that the TLEH logo is a combination of a wolf and a butterfly, but why? We pulled inspiration from the history of lupus. Dating back to the 4th century, it was believed that lupus originated from wolves because the common skin rash of lupus resembled wolf bites.      Lupus, Latin term for wolf, was thus forever associated with the disease. The facial malar rash is also commonly referred to as the “butterfly rash” and is one of the classic presentations of the disease. 


Take a look at the video to see how artist Ivan Preciado brought our vision to life. 

[a] Norman, R. (2016). The History of Lupus Erythematosus and Discoid Lupus: From Hippocrates to the Present. Lupus Open Access 1:102.


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