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To increase the quality of life for those living  with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, along with supporters

What's in the Works 

The Lupe Ends Here (TLEH) consists of three pillars: Community, Research, and Education and Awareness (E&A). Although our pillars are highly integrated, each are unique in the goals they are pursuing. Scroll to explore the ongoing projects for each pillar or just the ones you’re most interested in!



TLEH actively works with the community to bring a variety of opportunities and events that are both in person and virtual. 

Starting this May, Lupus Awareness Month, our TLEH Trivia Nights will kick-off our event season and what better way to connect with your fellow lupies by a healthy dose of intellectual competition. Team up with your brightest buds and join us for a trivia night extravaganza!  

Then, as summer winds down, our excitement turns up! This September, TLEH is excited to announce we will be collaborating with other nonprofits to bring you yet another event of laughter, lupus facts, and perhaps even some delicious giveaways. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as our antics unveil.


In the fall, as the temperature changes from warm to less warm (#SDSeasons), we will be holding a relay. This virtual out-and-back route begins in Point Loma's historic Liberty Station and features spectacular views of Downtown San Diego's skyline. Not in San Diego, but still want to join in the fun?? YES you can! This year we will be opening the 5k up to all of our supporting members. So even if your feet are in Honolulu, your heart will be with us in San Diego. 

Want to stay up-to-date with all our amazing events? Submit your email today at the bottom of this page to stay in the lupe! 



Bringing a Sense of Control

Individuals with Lupus often speak of the struggles related to the unpredictable nature of the disease. Not knowing when a flare may strike and even the severity or duration these may last. Even those who’ve had lupus for years describe the difficulty in predicting the onset of a flare. To add on to these frustrations, Lupies are often advised to accept their “New Normal”.

What is a New Normal? And what does it mean when each individual experiences Lupus so differently, from how the disease manifests in the body to the mental toll it may take on one’s health.

To address some of these issues and bring a sense of empowerment to individuals living with lupus, TLEH is currently working on developing an app that will serve as a personalized tool for seamless disease tracking and management. With features such as medication reminders, symptom tracking, journaling, photo documentation, and much more! This app is designed with the understanding that there is a delicate balance of taking control while also not letting disease tracking be all-consuming or intrusive to the user.

We’re currently in the development phase to launch the first prototype this year and would love to hear your thoughts! After all this app is for you! If you have lupus, or any autoimmune disease for that matter, and are interested in providing input on what you find valuable and a must have in this app, then we encourage you to please reach out to us!

Dieanira Erudaitius (TLEH Cofounder), Rohith Mohan, and Chris Hale are actively working on the first prototype of this app. Click on their image to check out their bios


Education & Awareness

The E&A Pillar strives to provide opportunities to learn ways in which those living with an autoimmune disease can continue to conquer their disease, while also actively engaging those who may know very little about the challenges of living with a chronic illness. Working with individuals, community partners, and organizations, we aim to increase awareness and to provide effective tools to address a variety of needs. TLEH believes working alongside the greater San Diego community, we can encourage greater mindfulness, understanding, and compassion, with the overall goal of empowering everyone to make informed health-promoted decisions.


The truth is, chronic illness affects all aspects of an individual’s life beyond their physical body; mental and emotional well being, family, work, support systems, and much more. Over time, we aim to address the spectrum of life challenges and encourage our greater community members to be active supporters. 


Throughout the year, E&A is hosting community workshops targeting specific life topics.

We couldn’t do any of this without you! Interested in hosting a workshop topic or volunteering? Contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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